Saturday, October 18, 2014

Northeast Outlaws Pro Mod at Capital Raceway

TheRacingVids Northeast Outlaws at Capital Raceway 

Here's a Tube channel that does a great job in coverage of drag racing, TheRacingVids.  We go out to Capital Raceway in Crofton, MD during the Northeast Outlaws Pro Mod Race Aug Sat 16, 2014 smokin up some old rivals of Turbo Vs Supercharged, they both really suck big time!

From neoutlawpromods: The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods features a wide variety of body styles and engines configuration making for some of the quickest and fastest Door Slammers in the country.  Some choose Nitrous Oxide; others go with a Supercharged or Turbo configuration.  Needless to say it makes for some very exciting 1/4 mile drag racing in the high 5 second range at over 240 MPH.

Turbo Vs Supercharged

TheRacingVids Pro Mod Turbo Vs Supercharged

Great action in this series and the film work performed by TheRacingVids along with the sound pickup puts us out on the track, the public producers are putting the pressure on mainstream.  Kinda like public Vs Network, bring it!   

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods

Capital Raceway 




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