Thursday, May 9, 2013


Six races into the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season, Ford teams have one win, Carl Edwards at Phoenix and three drivers inside the top 10 in points. Brad Keselowski (Penske Racing) sits in the No. 2 spot while Roush Fenway Racing teammates Greg Biffle and Edwards are sixth and seventh, respectively. Jamie Allison, Director, Ford's North America Motorsports program, the new car built to bridge the gap between race track and dealership has been a success thus far on both fronts, he said. March sales figures for the Fusion topped 30,000 a record for the model, race on Sunday buy on Monday.

Alrighty then, Ford is kicking butt with the showroom replica and midrace competition is slamming around with pack racing is present at the big tracks.  Seems the Gen 6 cars are so closely matched you have to bang your way all through the race and the fans are enjoying it, until a car rips through the fence.  Good thing no one was killed, the cars are a little lighter, tougher to control because of less downforce making the driver really have to drive the car, thus all the emotions stirring up on the track like in fights,  ah we just love that!

A look at the Roush Yates power plant which you can buy as a create motor, wow a NASCAR engine you can drop in your ride! The NASCAR engines are leased to the race teams that's how they get them back in order to sell to you.  I'll bet a mustang would sure feel different being pushed by 358-cube @ 850hp with TQ @ 552.7 and a high RPM of 9,400 are you thinking what I am, NASCAR street car! 

Roush Yates V8 Crate Engines 

Here are some highlights of this new Gen 6 ride.


Have at it Boys! 

 Between the race, wrecks and fights- there was no shortage of action at Auto Club Speedway. 


Now That Historic Wreck!

 Several closely-packed cars were jostling for position when they got tangled up, setting off a dangerous chain reaction that ensnared a number of vehicles. Tony Stewart somehow emerged unscathed and ended up winning the race. Some of the shredded debris flew into the barrier, while others got into the stands -- some of it reaching the second level of the stands about 20 feet up. 


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