Sunday, December 31, 2017

Mazworx - Sick Monster!

Mazworx on rev limiter a little too long, thanks pal!

Best in racing is the story of teams effort forged by it's Crew Chief and in this case, it's Mark Mazurowski the founder of Mazworx, which is such a story that make hearts sweat and bleed in a team.

Let's explore the heart of this team:

Founded in 2004, Mazworx has worked to be on the cutting edge of product development and production.  Their commitment to quality is backed by extensive R&D and in-house production.  From engine parts to engine blocks, their product line offers superior quality.  Though they're best known for their innovations in the Nissan community, the team has over a decade of experience with most performance platforms.  Mazworx powers some of the fastest cars in the world.  From top contenders in Formula D to competitive Drag Race teams around the world.

Mazworx's Drag Race SR20 Short Block, includes a 91mm Stroker rotating assembly.  Rated to 1200+hp the Mazworx Drag Race Billet SR20RWD is built with the following components:

- Mazworx Billet SR20 Block
- Mazworx SR20 91mm Billet Crankshaft
- Proprietary, Mazworx Sleeving (Darton Sleeves)
- Custom CP Pistons
- .250" wall thickness upgraded Wrist Pins
- GRP Aluminum Rods
- Calico Coated ACL Race Rod and Main Bearings
- New oil pump
- Mazworx Front Oil Squirter
- Oil groove machining
- Fully Assembled

Shane T - Mr Tune
So let's go out to the track where we meet another component of Mazworx, the premier engine calibrator noted MoTeC tuner Shane Tecklenburg of Tuned By Shane T.  Also during this race we find out some sad news of machinist Miguel of Mazworx, that his father had just passed before this race, R.I.P. Miguel Aponet.  But I'll tell ya something, from the pic at the top and the thumbnail in the vid Mazworx was in deep stage and the competitor took his damn time, leaving team Mazworx's rev limiter popping in overtime were at launch she broke a crank trigger wheel just sending all that hp to hell!  Luckily the procrastinator blew the light!  Ah, thanks, father Aponet, or the boys would not have made it to the finals.

That Racing Channel


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Roadster Shop - 1970 Camaro SS Rampage

One of the most aggressive 1970 Camaro SS builds to hit the road course. The Roadster Shop has continued its development of chassis and suspension products to the growing Muscle Car, pro-touring market. With full in-house design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing capabilities, they can provide a customer with an industry leading chassis product that exceeds all expectations and the Camaro Rampage is the results.

Hard to think that this Camaro sat in the desert for years before its real purpose was waiting to show up at Roadster Shop in Mundelein Illinois.

If there was ever a real Transformer like in the movies this SS is the one!  Talk about 'Nothing but Rubber', 18x12- and 19x12-inch wheels, front and rear, wear 345/35ZR18 and 345/35ZR19 Hoosier R6 tires.

This LS7 427ci V8 that runs on pump gas fills the engine bay supplied by Thompson Racing Engines (no web site?) develops 740 hp that sucks it all in from a 'Harrop Carbon Fiber Cross Ram Intake' and lubricated with a Dailey billet dry-sump pump.

To launch this beast out of the turns she mates up with a Tilton bellhousing that mounts a five-speed Jerico road-race dogbox transmission linked to a 9-inch Ford center section, oh that's sweet!  Independent rear suspension that uses Fast Track geometry and C6 Corvette knuckles.  A 3.50:1 ring and pinion, Wavetrac limited-slip from C&R Racing, treated to a polishing process that reduces stress and heat.

Engineer Michael O’Brien used Solidworks that develop the new bits for the chassis, front suspension uses cantilever coilovers with a bellcrank mounted to a custom pedestal that ties into the forward bars from the roll cage.  This also included the cantilever rear suspension with inboard coilovers using billet aluminum rocker arms machined in-house by the Roadster Shop.

Full porn gallery of The Rampage Build, now if we could only get the race industry to build a series!

Track Shakedown

'Rampage' at Blackhawk Farms Raceway captured by Unscene Media.


Rampage on the Dyno

Roadster Shop Site


Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Trans Am Series TA2 - Muscle Car Challenge

Round 4 of the 2017 Trans Am Championship presented by Pirelli at the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix presented by Lear, The 3-Dimensional Services Group Muscle Car Challenge.  This race featured the TA2 class exclusively.

The things that fans love but teams fear about Belle Isle is tight racing on this bumpy hard concrete surface which knocks you around into other cars.  If that ain't enough the concrete walls just eats up a team's pride when the car is dragged up on the emergency hauler and she's just a mess!  So let's go out to Belle and see how these new muscle cars are handling the track, after this race many crew chiefs are thinking of bringing a tank series to Belle next time.


Sometimes Less is More

On a personal note, racing for me is the engine and car style being put to the test and with that, the constant announcing about drivers while viewing is over the top.  I appreciate the guy's job and he does it well but brother I want to hear the block scream and tranny downshifting and climbing back up as she pulls out of the turns.  I find on all networks the only time we hear this is during qualification the camera is on the field, in the cars and mics the sound.  There is plenty of info scrolling the screen for position of drivers but very little telemetry about the car.  Sometimes less is more so I've discovered listening to position music while the race is running just rolls with the action.

Two Steps From Hell (playlist) is set for position on the track, one example is this selection below.  Turn the volume off the race and crank this movement, wait for it, she only runs 3:09 min.

This is just a sample, in order to jam a full race select a playlist of your liking and select autoplay prior.  Now if we could get track sound only and add it to a position mix I think the announcer has a chance of really being informative with car telemetry and sound that would put us on the edge of our seats!

Come on you narrators take a long break mate, mic that track and crank this!  We can hear about bios later, we would enjoy some oil, water, tire temps along with the red line and oil pressure exploding!  At this point not only do the fans have a favorite team and auto manufacturer but also a favorite narrator.  You folks do this I'll bet viewership goes up as much as the RPM climbs as this horsepower launches out of the turn!  (for timing sync, start music @ 4:48 timestamp of Belle Isle vid)   

Monday, September 18, 2017

Lagana Brothers Burn a 338.35 MPH!

Nostalgia Funny Cars Drag Racing the 1/4 Mile, now we'll watch some tire burning rubber monsters with just sight and sound down on the track with 'Drag Stip Riot'.

September 9, 2017 - Funny Car Nationals at US 131 Motorsports Park, Martin, Michigan.  Top Fuel Dragster Drag Racing, featuring the Nitro Ninja top fuel dragster team of Lagana brothers, Dom and Bobby who reset the track record to 4.485,  World's Fastest MPH ever of 338.35!

From: The Fastest Track in Michigan


How good was the Lagana brothers’ 4.485 second, 338.35 mile per hour run during Saturday’s Funny Car Nationals at US 131 Motorsports Park?

It was just one tick off the IHRA world record for the quarter mile of 4.484 seconds set by Clay Millican in October 2005, at Rockingham Dragway in North Carolina.

The speed at which Dom Lagana crossed the finish line was the fastest in history, better than the 337.58 mph achieved by eight-time NHRA World Champion Tony Schumacher at Brainerd, Minn., in August 2005.

The quickest quarter mile time ever posted was 4.420 seconds by Doug Kalitta at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Ill., in 2004.

Lite em' up brother!

Drag Strip Riot


Something Really Funny

Outstanding, more of this event down on the track, the Funny Cars run and blow parts after hitting top speeds out the pipes at the end of the 1/4 mile! and Drag Strip Riot Videos puts us there.

September 8-9, 2017 - US 131 Northern Nationals at US 131 Motorsports Park, Martin, Michigan: Funny Car Nationals featuring the Nitro Nostalgia Funny Cars of Mike McIntire in the McAttack Camaro; Paul Romine in the Man-o-War; John Lawson; Joe Haas; John Hale in the Texan, and Shawn Bowen. 

Although the Scarsdale, N.Y.-based dragster suffered a misfire in one cylinder on its first attempt, (you'll see in the clip here) Lagana came back to cover the distance in 4.485 seconds on his second try in a car tuned by older brother Bobby Lagana Jr.  (nice tune Bobby) 

World's Fastest Outlaw Nostalgia Funny Cars.  Drag Strip Riot Videos.  Let her rip. 1/4 mile drag racing.


Saturday, August 26, 2017

2017 Outlaw Armageddon

From Urban HillBilly Videos - Outlaw Armageddon No Prep Drag Racing

The armageddon of drag racing is a hellish place, with names like Lucifer, Swamp Thing, Death Trap, Hellenor, Murder Nova and so on.  Outlaw Armageddon also leaves the staging lane with no Christmas Tree, only one guy to stage your lane and backs out away from the cars to only turn on a flash lite!  A real mental tease is there are no time and speed results of the race, just win or lose but there are officials to judge the results.  The purse at these events is a big draw for the drivers, as much as $40,000 to win in the Big Tire Open and $5,000 for the runner up. (not bad)
What's great for the fans is theses cars are from Hell and so loud your ears will bleed!

Race and Class entry from Outlaw Armageddon:

For 2017, Outlaw Armageddon is returning to the roots of what started this event.  Beginning this year, all cars-in all classes-must start under their own power from within the vehicle. Additionally, any entry that has ever competed in any sanctioned "pro mod" race will not be able to enter any class without consent from the Armageddon Staff.  You may contact Marc Sorenson at 405-473-9498 if your car falls into this category.  Racers are welcome to enter more than one class.

Outlaw Armageddon

Thunder Valley Raceway Park 



Sunday, July 9, 2017

2017 Rocky Mountain Race Week

Rocky Mountain Race Week kicks off from Kearney Raceway Park, Nebraska.

If you have a hot rod or a daily driver that you can make the haul with then you don't want to miss the experience and great times with fellow racers.  There is nothing like cruising down the road next to several other cool, fast, head turning cars.  Making new friends all through the week and coming home to tell the stories of how someone you know broke down on the side of the road and some old boy from the town you are stranded in or a fellow racer stopped to help you get going again only to get to the next track and lay down an amazing pass. Maybe you got lost for 20 minutes and had to pull into an old dinner to grab some lunch make a pit stop and ask directions.  It's time you join a cruise of a life.

Rocky Mountain Race Week:

July 8th is registration and that evening first time trials at Kearny.

July 9th is Drive day to Denver.

July 10th 8am to 3pm Bandimere then drive to pueblo.

July 11th Maintenance in the morning hang out Pueblo time trials will start around 4pm

July 12th drive day to Greatbend Kansas.

July 13th GreatBend morning Time trials start at 8.00am to 3 pm then drive back to Kearney.

July 14th Kearny morning Maintenance and hang out start time trials around 3pm until we get done then award ceremony.

This is a 7-day event, 1000 miles of travel with 5 race days, many of these racers have only finished their cars the night before and are running on little or no sleep, time to run!

Kearney Raceway Park


Monday, June 19, 2017

2017 24 Hours of Le Mans

From: FIA World Endurance Championship

It was always going to be unpredictable, but few could have anticipated a race with so many twists and turns…all the way to the chequered flag. The 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans – third round of the FIA World Endurance Championship – was full of emotion, joy and disappointment, heat and drama, and it was Porsche LMP Team’s No.2 919 Hybrid which finally conquered all those sensations to take its 19th win at the world’s greatest endurance race.

The race was held in intense heat and was pronounced “tough” by drivers up and down the field.  Aston Martin Racing’s Jonny Adam, Darren Turner and Daniel Serra took a dramatic LMGTE Pro class victory, in a repeat of the classic battles for GT1 honors with Corvette Racing from 10 years ago, claiming maximum WEC points and moving the trio into second place in the GT FIA World Endurance Drivers’ Championship. (end FIA)

In this edited clip, there is no narration of the progress (sweet!) of the race, just you and the machine down on the track, nothing but sight and sound as the teams chase down the clock!


Some of the Grid



#51 AF CORSE - ITA - Ferrari 488 GTE


#92 PORSCHE GT TEAM - DEU - Porsche 911 RSR


#23 PANIS BARTHEZ COMPETITION FRA Category - LM P2 Car  (brave girl, wounder if she runs?)