Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dale Earnhardt's 12-year-old granddaughter Karsyn Elledge

The New #3
The late Dale Earnhardt is definitely looking down and driving his granddaughter Karsyn Elledge who's mom is Kelley Earnhardt-Miller which is married to NASCAR crew chief Jimmy Elledge. She is racing out of the shop owned by her father and has some support from JR Motorsports, which is owned by her uncle and run by her mom, Earnhardt-Miller. Her paternal grandfather, Terry Elledge, was a championship engine builder who built many of the engines Earnhardt won with and Elledge, her father, has won Cup races as a crew chief.

 “I've seen her race myself. She does really, really good,” Earnhardt Jr. said last week at Bristol Motor Speedway. “For whatever reason, she’s got the speed to be competitive, and she’s not scared of it at all. “I don’t know how she knows how to go around a dirt track, and drive sideways and all those things because she is just a little girl. But she knows. You know, she just knows.”

 Daddy Jimmy Elledge said, “I had no intentions of making the next Danica Patrick, but it looks like we might be on our way.”

 Karsyn, is entering her third season in the Mini Outlaw Series box stock division at Woodleaf N.C. Speedway and Millbridge Speedway in Salisbury, N.C. The cool thing about all of this is she is sporting her granddaddy's #3 on her cart.   Keep an eye on this little girl for she is like her Grandpa, little of no fear and defiantly an attitude, you'll see this in the video as she walks through pit-lane interviewing some of the drivers.  

I mean how proud would you be if this was your granddaughter?  Are you kidding me,  this is our next favorite driver, thanks, Dale! 


Family Legacy Continued

Karsyn and Kennedy Elledge are continuing the family legacy behind the wheel of a race car.

JR Motorsports

Meet the New Air Hogs Driver

Dale Jr.'s niece, Karsyn Elledge, is progressing her racing career and not only that but she sports her uncle's hand bone driving gloves.  This is stuff dreams are made of and Grand Pa Dale is her CoPilot! 

To the Earnhardt and Elledge family, "your welcome for the photo above with Grand Pa Dale and Karsyn,  I just wanted a photo of Grand Pa looking Karsyn's way, for I know in my own life the ones who pass and are dearly loved remain in the living.  God's speed to the young #3". 


JR Motorsports

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