Sunday, February 17, 2013

West Coast Outlaw Pro Mods

In the fall of 2006, a group of West Coast racers embarked on a mission to create an "OUTLAW" Pro Modified association. This association would provide spectators with the type of fast, Pro Modified style racing that has become the standard in the United States and Canada. Pro Mod racing is what spectators have come to, side-by-side, 6-second, "run what ya brung", door slammer racing.

West Coast Pro Modified racers have committed to put on one of the best shows in the country for spectators and track operators. With the support of the racers, fans, track operators, media and sponsors the West Coast Outlaw Pro Modified Association is one of the premier door car organizations on the West Coast. 


The WCOPMA Association follows NHRA Advanced ET Rules - Refer to the NHRA rulebook.

All cars must follow NHRA safety guidelines. Supercharged cars are to have double wall or wrapped single wall headers.

All cars are to have a rear drive shaft loop off the 3rd member around the u-joint.

All drivers must have Head and Neck restraints as required by NHRA No minimum weight or maximum cubic inch limit.

Open to any make and model domestic or import left had steer coupe, sedan, hardtop and truck bodies. Convertibles, roadsters and one-piece funny car bodies are not permitted even if equipped with doors. Rear suspension is optional. 

Any type and size of supercharger allowed with no overdrive limitations.

Unlimited number of nitrous oxide stages allowed.

Turbochargers allowed with no restrictions on size of turbo or the number of turbochargers used.

No test passes allowed unless testing is available for all competitors.

If your car looses fire during the burnout you have to refire under your own power and continue with the current run. You cannot be pushed aside and run at a later time. Applies to both qualifying and elimination runs.

Qualifying typically consists of 2 passes, one in each lane, unless otherwise noted.

Driver courtesy suggests that both drivers stage together.

Driver burn downs are not permitted.

Deep staging is allowed.

A valid NHRA or IHRA competition license is required.

All ET and MPH records must be backed up by 1 percent during the same events qualifying or elimination rounds only.

Records cannot be set or backed up during testing.

 West Coast Outlaws

NitroAmerica (great job of filming)

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