Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NR2003 Past and Present

Well for a soft economy here is an affordable build. Most Hot Rodders enjoy a good Race Sim and Nascar Racing 2003 Season is just that. NR2003 and still growing. As time goes by this might be the greatest built Sim since Sim Racing.

The world was in on the build! Happy 10th Birthday Nassy and the Mods keep coming. What da ya want! I'm Racing Here! There is a lot of different Racing Mods to patch in the game, you'll diffidently find one you like. Working on setups can last for days, tire pressure does matter here. Your smokin out there! One of the first pioneers to build add-on mods was a group called The Pits and the Sim took off.  Great work you guys.

This is not a kids game, people are really racing here and the leagues mean business. Outside of that running p2p can be whatever you want out of the game, speed, crashing, bumping, pushed into the wall, trading paint (it shows up) or just smokin the tires down around the rim and you blew the engine.

There is a lot more to this game in just what I've built here. At present NR2003 in my build sits at 12.1 Gig in size, man you've got track objects, interior design, car updates, Tracks and I mean Tracks!, Pit Crew Updates right down to the Can Catcher, all the Mods, Graphic Tweaks, ini Tweaks, Physics Tweaks, Damage, Setups and a lot more. It's all about the experience, the physics, the graphics, the sound!

Keep Digging, Nascar Racing 2003 Season,  just Google it!  And start Building!

First get the game if you don't already have it, copies still available to date. In order to build NR2003 you need The Patch, you can get it here from nr2k3tracks.

From that point, your build starts and it hasn't stopped since 2003 and the best thing you don't need a sponsor just a PC with some punch.  So your still building not only the software but your Box along with it,  your smokin out there!    


Teams LFNSC 

 This Sim just keeps getting better, the leagues involved in this have brought it to a new level and is shared around the world. This all started with Papyrus and Sierra NR2003 Race Season, 10 years and Growing!


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