Thursday, July 3, 2014

2014 March Meet Famoso Raceway

2014 March Meet Famoso Raceway by NitroAmerica

Nothing kicks off the 4th like Nitro running the quarter mile.  NitroAmerica takes us out to Southern California at Auto Club Famoso in Bakersfield.  Once again Les Mayhew puts us on the track for the entire event!  One of the top shows in drag racing for Nitroholics. 

Thanks, Les, yet another epic vid.  I'll say it again, no one but no one films drag racing like you do!  Your work puts us down on the track!

The 2014 March Meet welcomed drag racing fans from all 4 corners of the Earth with beautiful Southern California sunshine at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California. By Saturday the faithful were over 6 deep at the fence. With nitro burning machines roaring down the quarter mile, there was no other place a nitro fan would want to be.

“This place is unbelievable," 16 time NHRA Funny Car Champ John Force proclaimed over the tracks PA system. "I couldn't find a parking space.” He then added, “This is bigger than a national event”. With 25 Funny Cars, 16 Top Fuel Dragsters and 8 Fuel Altereds, the 2014 March Meet was a Nitroholic’s dream and for the drivers who compete here, it's equivalent to Indy 500.

Now we're smokin!  

Famoso Raceway 



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