Saturday, June 28, 2014

Old School in Darwin

Touring Car Masters at Hidden Valley

Old School at Hidden Valley Raceway, 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Known for its high speeds and fast lap times. It is 2.87 kilometers (1.78 mi) long and has 14 corners, with a main straight 1.1 kilometers (0.7 mi) in length. In order to win, the race car has to flow well through the sweeping bends and also needs top end horsepower for the main straight.

Touring Car Masters JOHN BOWE has scored a stunning fifth pole position from seven attempts in ENZED TCM qualifying at Hidden Valley Raceway in Darwin. Bowe completed only one flying lap with a record-breaking 1m14.15s effort placing him 1.6s ahead of Jim Richards and Andrew Miedecke.

The Bowe-Richards 1-2 effort was the fifth time from seven visits to the top end that the pair has locked out the front row of the grid at Hidden Valley.

Tony Karanfilovski scored fourth and Jason Gomersall fifth in his new Torana. Keith Kassulke, Cameron Mason, Adam Bressington, Eddie Abelnica and Brett Youlden completed the top 10.

Ford products dominated the top-10 with three Mustangs and four Falcons filling the first five rows of the grid.

Love this series, where else you going to see refurbished and updated 70 cars priced at $120,000 used (you can buy one) running the track?  That's right Mate, you'll have to go to Australia!  

Touring Car Masters 



Round 3 

2014 Touring Car Masters - Hidden Valley


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