Wednesday, November 13, 2013

RT Restorations

Henry Vicioso's RT Racing #76 Blue GT350 Mustang gets a brand new motor! 

 About RT Restoration:  Opened its doors in 1994 as a plastic media blasting business.  After numerous customer inquiries regarding additional restoration services, we expanded our facility, hired additional help and began performing complete restorations.   Over the past 15 years, RT has established itself as a quality restorer.   Our portfolio has grown to include 30+ Shelbys, Cobras, Jaguars, Corvettes, historic race cars and more.  Our services range from assembly, dis-assembly, bodywork and paint to plastic media blasting.  And being just down the road from Road America what better place could you have for a proving ground. 

RT Restoration 



RT with "Rusty Wallace"

Climb aboard with Rusty Wallace, legendary NASCAR Sprint Cup driver and ESPN commentator, as he drives RT Racing's #33 vintage racing Mustang at historic Road America. 

Road America



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