Sunday, October 13, 2013

North Star Dragway

NitroAmerica North Star Dragway
Ya know I was going through the clips for the NHRA and man I'll tell ya, I want to see and hear the cars run! (too commercial)   Not listen to someone telling me how hard they work and letting me know of all their sponsors.  When NHRA introduced the Pro Mods two years ago they did a fantastic job of the promo and races, now I see the winner circle girl smiling and some driver babbling.  For real man, NHRA should take a look at what NitroAmerica is doing for drag racing, ya think?  Let's go down to Texas and once again Les gives you more, your on the track!

North Star Dragway is so proud to bring back old school heads up racing, Pro Mods vs Fuel Altered and other such venues.  NSD takes great pride in providing fun, family-friendly events that entertain the entire family and will keep them talking long after they leave. From the quickest outlaw door slammers to the wildest fire breathing fuel altereds in the country, NSD brings you the best choices of drag racing entertainment in North Texas.  These events on average bring in more than 150 racers and over 1,000 fans to the track each weekend. 

The 2013 Pro Mod vs. Fuel Altered Showdown, North Star Dragway, Denton, TX, July 5th & 6th, 2013.  Click on time to skip ahead, now how cool is that NitroAmerica gives ya the time on this vid to advance through the film.  Bottom line, Les Mayhew is thinking about you and the man is all American as you'll see in the credits of this film.  Thanks, Les, for it is more.

 0:00 Intro
 0:41 Intro Pt. II 
2:04 Driver Profiles 
6:44 Qualifying Session 1 
18:32 Qualifying Session 2 
26:20 Round 1 
36:30 Round 2 
42:26 Final Round 
45:29 Winner's Circle 
46:04 Credits 

North Star Dragway



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