Monday, April 8, 2013

Pro Slammers Door Car Association

About Pro Slammers:

The Pro Slammer 7 Second Door Car Association was created by Mike Doushgounian and Dana Wardell. The PSDCA is an association that provides an alternative class for racers stuck in the middle of pre-existing classes which prevent them from being competitive with their current racing combination. The Pro Slammer 7 Second Door Car Association is the working man’s association and was designed with the working man in mind. With any domestic body style and any engine combination allowed, the Pro Slammer 7 Second Door Car Association provides one of the most affordable and exciting classes for spectator's, media groups, and racers.

 Just one of the Rules!

Electronic driving devices are strictly prohibited in this class. Items that constitute electronic driving devices include, but are not limited to, throttle stops, delay & cross-over boxes. All such devices must be removed before passing tech inspection. Rev-limiters are allowed, but three-step control is the maximum permitted. Stutter boxes, electronically controlled throttle stops, crossover boxes strictly prohibited. 

Pro Slammers


Door Slammer

 Naturally Aspirated 2100lbs min
 Supercharged (6-71 only) 2250lbs min
 Nitrous 2400lbs min
 Centrifugal/Roots (8-71 to 14-71) 2550lbs min 
Turbocharged SB/Modular 2500lbs min
Turbocharged S/B (twin 91mm) 2700lbs min
Turbocharged S/B (twin 94mm) 2800lbs min
Turbocharged BB (twin 88mm) 2700lbs min
Turbocharged BB (twin 91mm) 2800lbs min
Turbocharged BB (twin 94mm) 2900lbs min
(All NMCA legal cars are permitted to run in Pro Mod Slammers) 


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