Sunday, July 9, 2017

2017 Rocky Mountain Race Week

Rocky Mountain Race Week kicks off from Kearney Raceway Park, Nebraska.

If you have a hot rod or a daily driver that you can make the haul with then you don't want to miss the experience and great times with fellow racers.  There is nothing like cruising down the road next to several other cool, fast, head turning cars.  Making new friends all through the week and coming home to tell the stories of how someone you know broke down on the side of the road and some old boy from the town you are stranded in or a fellow racer stopped to help you get going again only to get to the next track and lay down an amazing pass. Maybe you got lost for 20 minutes and had to pull into an old dinner to grab some lunch make a pit stop and ask directions.  It's time you join a cruise of a life.

Rocky Mountain Race Week:

July 8th is registration and that evening first time trials at Kearny.

July 9th is Drive day to Denver.

July 10th 8am to 3pm Bandimere then drive to pueblo.

July 11th Maintenance in the morning hang out Pueblo time trials will start around 4pm

July 12th drive day to Greatbend Kansas.

July 13th GreatBend morning Time trials start at 8.00am to 3 pm then drive back to Kearney.

July 14th Kearny morning Maintenance and hang out start time trials around 3pm until we get done then award ceremony.

This is a 7-day event, 1000 miles of travel with 5 race days, many of these racers have only finished their cars the night before and are running on little or no sleep, time to run!

Kearney Raceway Park


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