Sunday, June 4, 2017

Beaver Springs Dragway - Nostalgia AA/Gassers

The Nostalgia AA/Gassers is a club of drag racers formed around the “ALL OUT, HEADS UP, NO INDEX” class of AA/GS Nostalgia Drag Racing.  The club is made up of members dedicated to the building and preservation of 1960′s era correct AA/Gassers with exceptions made to meet sanctioning bodies’ and current safety technical inspections.

BODY:  Open to all production style cars no later than 1942 (fiberglass bodies of factory dimensions permitted).  The following are permitted body exceptions; 1948-1951 Anglia, Prefect and Thames (no Utes).  1948-1952 Austin A-40 Sedans and Pick Ups. 1951-1954 Henry-J and All State.  Street roadsters NOT permitted.  ALL CARS MUST LOOK PERIOD CORRECT COMPARED TO ACTUAL CARS OF THE DAY.  Wings or stretched bodies NOT permitted. All cars must have period correct appearing lettering, paint or primer.  Wild graphics NOT permitted.  Running boards NOT permitted.

ENGINE:  Cast Iron heads and blocks ONLY.  500 cubic inch maximum engine size.  Titanium and hollow stem valves NOT permitted.  Minimum valve stem diameter 11/32″.  Intake manifolds must be cast aluminum or magnesium ONLY. Sheet metal/billet manifolds NOT permitted.  Bolting on an intake manifold backwards thus creating a back set blower relocation NOT permitted.

Nostalgia AA/Gassers Club

Beaver Spring Dragway

Racers at heart with that pulse surge of the supercharger bolted on those BIG BLOCKS!

It's Launch Time!

Drag Strip Riot

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