Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2015 Famoso Raceway March Meet

NitroAmerica 2015 March Meet The Movie
This is all about to kick off again, Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet March 3-6, 2016.  In the mean time the best producer of putting us down on the track, Les Mayhew of Nitro America.  Les has put together a movie of the March Meet from last year of just the most extraordinary filming known in racing.  We get to go in the field and meet the teams talk to the builders and tuners, drivers and witness the power of the launch shredding clutch dust, tire buckle, wheel shake, Nitro spit out of the pipes and the pounding sound that makes this event one of the most fierce competition events of the year!  If you are ever in the area around McFarland CA. in the beginning of March I envy you, Mate, for this event is getting bigger all the time and teams are gunning for a win like the Indy 500 or Daytona.

Before the movie, I would like you to meet someone.

Thanks for putting us down on the track Les, you Sir are the best in your field.

Ok Mate, here we go, burn a piece of radiator hose in the ashtray and burp that Jerry Can of high octane in the room for that's the only element missing from Les's films! 

Auto Club Famoso Raceway


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