Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 Rolex 24 Roar Before

Camera man Lanky Turtle at 2016 Rolex Roar Before
Alrighty then, the hype is almost over to see if the new Ford GT will win or place at Daytona Rolex 54th running. “When you look at how close it is in GTLM among all the cars, it’s going to be very interesting this year at Daytona,” Auberlen said. “We just have to hope on a brand-new car that we have the reliability for 24 hours. But everybody in the class has elevated their game to a new high we’ve never seen before. If you thought last year was tough, when it went down to the last race, this year is going to be even tougher.” To be fair to the competition, everyone in the GTLM class faces a learning curve. Ford Chip Ganassi Racing is new to the class with its Ford GT, Ferrari has a new model the 488 GTE, while Corvette Racing and Porsche North America have all new bodywork.

OK, let's go out to the garage and track-side with camera man Lanky Turtle bringing us the new sights and sound of this historic preview of Ford GT returning to the track. The pressure is on like Auberlen said and if you get a chance to attend one of the circuits presented this year, man get to the track and prepare for some hearing loss for these machines are deafening! 

Lanky Turtle


2016 Testing At Daytona 

The 24hr race kicks off Jan 30th at 2:40 PM ET which is making me feel a little warmer already.  So let's roll IMSA clip of sights and sounds testing. This year is a historic one for The Ultimate Driving Machine as Bavarian Motor Works celebrates its 100th anniversary. To mark the occasion, one of the M6 machines will race with the No. 100.


IMSA Official

IMSA Testing Action 

Nothing better than the sound of these's super sport-cars and in this video The Racer Channel puts us on pit-lane and out on the track as if you were standing there!

The Racer Channel


DeltaWing In-Car Roar 2016

Holy mother, the DeltaWing just launching past the Ford GT like it's nothing new, the team should have a sign on the back of the car "Sorry Ford we're just testing here."  Just goes to show ya the difference in power and speed in the classes racing in this series.  This monster is just hooking up, makes the chicane seem like a modest turn and spools up like a 2 cycle engine, how about that turbo dump after the long straight! 

The Racer Channel


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