Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2015 Project Cars In Game Experience

Been having fun with this, sometimes we don't see ourselves as gamers until we feel it. The video here was created from inside the game from my experience as a driver.  Inside the game on a PC, the graphics and physics are out in front. Full damage was set along with normal tire wear (medium slicks were chosen) and mechanical failures, you need 2 laps to warm the tires. Don't be afraid of banging around a little the Mustang Cobra TransAm from the Ford GT series, takes it! I'll show that in the clip, once the car is tweaked from many setups and aids anyone can get a feel for this sim.

Tire pressure, ride height, spring rate and bump info can be set for each individual wheel and front and rear down-force, toe angle, and sway bar settings can be dialed in.  Globally, players can set brake pressure and balance along with wastegate pressure, gear and steering ratios, and engine brake mapping amongst much more. The Pit Engineer speaks to you via Pit2Car radio informing you of weather changes, incidents around the track, changes in race position, timings, corner information and more!

In Car Experience

"Project Cars" is the new wave bud, crashing on your screen in 4K and even 12K visuals!  Going to have to upgrade!  I don't have 4K running, clip was rendered in 1080P AVI.


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