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2014 Road America- TUDOR United SportsCar Championship

Elkhart Lake

The area was first inhabited by the Potawatomi Indians and they named the area “Me-shay-way-odeh-ni-bis”, or Great Elk Heart Lake because the lake resembles an elk's heart. (how cool is that) Today the population around the Sheboygan area consist of (2000 census) 3.36% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. 54.9% were of German, 7.8% Dutch and 5.4% American ancestry.

The home of Road America, in the late 1940s, road racing was taking on steam, the post-World War II gear heads were building the economy, and tweaking the sporting automobiles. The Sports Car Club of America was the main organizer of these races, in 1950 the Chicago Region SCCA and Elkhart Lake organized the first road race at Elkhart Lake. The 1950 circuit start-finish line was on County Road P. Competitors went north to County Road J, then South into the Village of Elkhart Lake, and West on what is now County JP (then called County Highway X), and reconnected with County Road P for a total distance of 3.3 miles (5.3 km).

Some great history from an area that has grown into $70 million dollar economy per year from racing thanks to Jim Johnson, President of the Elkhart Lake Bank, felt that the races would bring a new energy to the area. Joined by Fire Chief Ray Kramer and Resort owner Ollie Siebken Moeller, a strong community effort was mounted that resulted in dozens of volunteers coming forward to help organize the races. Governor Walter Kohler, (Kohler Company) who had a summer home on Elkhart Lake, helped pave the way.

Road America and IMSA our Tudor Girls
Now that it's all said and done head out to RA if ya get the chance, it's known by many drivers' the world over that this course is a favorite and when the teams are out running, it shows and for the fans, you can't resist those cute smiles.

Canada Corner

Road America Canada Corner "The Sound Bowl"
Went and check out the series and shot some film (8/10/14) with the Zoom 2Q HD Camera which shoots tight, hard to shot free hand, you can put this rig in a shirt pocket, had a tripod for track side.  Also, distance and zoom-in are grainy (not a field camera) but in close quarters the quality is good.  The camera shoots 720p and records sound bit rate up to 256kbps and this is the gem of this little rig, at Mic gain of only 1.5 (mic gain adjust up to 10) the sound levels were clipping the Red Zone!  The sound pickup was set at a range of 150 degrees as if you’re facing a half circle in front of you.  

Yeah, jerky shots roaming around but fun to work with because of the size and once track side on the tripod and cupped in that wooded bowl of trees at Canada Corner, your going to hear theses cars!  Ya just a fan of engine sound and don't feel like mingling in with the crowd and having some fun, head out to time stamp 7:30 in the vid.

Team Park Place Motorsports
All in all, just some supporting folks, along with the scheduled series at Road America.  Had some face to face fun here, plenty of good eats at all the concessions, the teams invite you in like you were visiting a neighbor back home. 

This spirit of “Me-shay-way-odeh-ni-bis” rings throughout Canada Corner, it' all for the experience, feels like home.

Helping out with some info on painter Jeff Hanson

In leaving you'll want to give something back, (must be the great spirit) so while visiting with NO. 73 PARK PLACE MOTORSPORTS PORSCHE 911 GT AMERICA,  I was interested in the car paint scheme.

CTF with Team Park Place Motorsports-painter Jeff Hanson
CTF  (Children's Tumor Foundation a little something on this car)

Jeff Hanson  (paintings by)

Thanks to everyone there, the IMSA was a great SHOW.

MB Productions

The Series News and Highlights

All right Brain, Calvin and Dorsey how'd we end up?



Full Race Broadcast  

News on the season: IMSA 

Once again the series shares, must be that Great Elk Hart Spirit. 

TUDOR Championship


Some stills caught with that Zoom Q2 HD 

This particular pic goes out to the young man and his Father, where I asked "whatcha think?"  (just behind them) at Fall-Line Motorsports Audi GT Daytona. I went through the film and found a better pic., hope ya find it.

"You can't get apiece of Juicy Fruit in between that tire and fender"

"Thanks for that brother and that's all there is to it."

The Mazda Tent "you going to copy that?"

Mazda Skyactiv twin stage turbo Diesel

Wise Guy Crew- Paulie (Rage) and Sgt. Rock

The neighbors at Canada Corner "these two seemed suspicious," ran recon frm Sgt. Rock's pics

You're so cute, "tag us" #turnergirls

Cool Selfie with Falken Gal

"you guys have a better one" Falken Girls (man this camera shoots tight)

Flying Lizard Motorsports  "now there's a handsome team"

Flying Lizard Motorsports  "He's are poster boy"

Park Place Motorsports- painter Jeff Hanson

Muehlner Motorsports "what lettering font do they use?"

Some stills from Sgt.Rock
"There's more CupCake"

Flying Lizard Motorsports Audi R8 LMS

Dempesy Racing Porsche 911 GT America

Corvette Racing C7 R

Park Place Motorsports Porsche 911 GT America

Spirit of Daytona Corvette C7 R

Falken Gals

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