Friday, February 14, 2014

Living The Good Old Day's Today!

Eagle Field Drag
Rocky Phillips had an idea, to bring together other like-minded hot rodders and recreate what was the norm back in the 50's, racing on runways.  Firebaugh, CA. Eagle Field is a WWII U.S. Army Air Corps training facility, or used to be during the war.  Today there is a small museum and a few military vehicles around the property.

This is Nostalgia, Flag Start Drag Racing at Eagle Field Drag-way featuring Front engine Dragsters , Roadsters , Comp Coops , Gassers , Altereds , Door Slamers and many more.  "Run What You Brung Son."

The only Classes that are decided by performance are the HAMB Dragsters (all events), Street Slammer and Door Slammer categories (LIONS Race only).  ALL other class Awards are Class Favorites and picked by the Announcing Staff.  The events are primarily a Grudge Format with all styles of cars running each other! 

Eagle Field Drag

Henry Cota


Living The Good Old Days...Today!

May 22, 2013
The 4th Eagle Field Fresno Dragways Reunion was a great success. People are coming out of the wood work to be a part of living the good old days.  Fremont flag starter Eves Tall-Chief came out to help make this event the most memorable one yet. 



2013 Eagle Field Drags 

From NitroAmerica: In tribute to the "Day the Music Died", a collage of the racing at Eagle Field near Fresno California October, 5th, 2013. 



The Little Old Lady From Pasadena  

In the words of Rocket J Squirrel: "And now for something I hope you really like." 



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