Monday, January 20, 2014

Coming around the Bend

The tracks up north here are cold and for the most part, are covered in snow, I guess you could say the tracks are hibernating like most mammals.  Even though the Northern Hemisphere is closer to the sun right now a mere 91.4 million miles away, the earth's axial tilt of 23.4 degrees allows the intensity of the sun rays to hit south of the equator.  There racing Down Under where the temp has been 120F cooking up 90 brush fires, holy mother Australia is roasting!  Until the good Earth starts heading down it's long track and the sun starts rising high overhead for the Northerners and we reach our furthest point from the sun 94.5 million miles and the axial tilt has us wearing sunglasses, it's on!

Until then you have to head south and in 4 days from now Dayton 24hr will kick off along with NASCAR in February.  So will be tacking some RPMs real soon and the old Dale #3 is going to be racing again in Sprint Cup, personally, I think that's pretty cool.  The 3 needs to be out there and that's going to push Richard Childress Racing (Dale and he were best friends) and his grandson Austin Dillon who will be driving the legendary #3.

Richard Childress Racing Driver Austin Dillon

It's been a long time since we seen the 3 run in Cup.  With time gone by of the great Dale Earnhardt and the reeving up to the 2014 race season coming around the bend, it's been a long, lonely, lonely, lonely time!  Yes, it has!  

From JoeVideo66: With the abundance of great racing footage and another tune rattling around in my head craving visualization, I put this together.  I hope you like it... 


Earnhardt, Jr On #3 

The #3 is like a Bank of history deposits by it's Drivers' and Dillon is Next

If you were to ask anybody about runnin' #3 it would be Dale's Boy.  Dale Earnhardt Jr., was asked if it was okay with him if in the future that Austin Dillon takes the #3 with him to Cup. 



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