Thursday, December 19, 2013

World's Fastest Car! Ford GT Badd V8 1700 Hp

5.9 Strocker Ball bearing billet Twin Turbos, spin down time is 50sec after idle, this is what happens when NASA uses ceramic ball bearings.

Ford GT Badd V8 1700 Hp

Rather than set this at the famous Texas Mile, the team behind this 1,700 horsepower Ford GT ran at one of NASA's strips.  Now how cool is this! 

Performance Power Racing is a West Palm Beach based Research and Development Company working directly with Pratt & Whitney on a new high specific strength, high temperature tolerant, Aluminum Alloy branded Pandalloy. Performance Power has successfully transitioned and implemented Aerospace Technology in to the Automotive World.  Parts were specifically designed and manufactured out of Pandalloy Aluminum Alloys for the World Record Setting Ford GT. Performance Power successfully proved that Aerospace Technology can be effectively used to lower emissions, increase fuel economy, and lower a vehicles carbon footprint through their performance testing at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility.  

Gearhead just went Rocket Science! 

Johnny Bohmer Owner of Performance Power Racing and Driver of the World Famous BADD GT, along with Matt Lundy, Lead Design Tech, piloted the 1700+ horse power Ford GT down NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility Runway setting a new Guinness World Record at 283.232 mph in the Standing Mile. 




2004 Z06 Chevrolet Corvette goes 252 mph 

From PPR:

 This is a 2004 FRC 40th anniversary corvette, this car was brought to us by a customer that purchased it with a Twin turbo package on it rated at 1000 hp. He wanted to build it to be a mile racing street car. After an initial dyno run the car made an amazing 525hp with I.A.T. temps in the 170 F range. Needless to say we had our work cut out. We upgraded the turbo system and made the car a little more efficient. Did some aero changes to it and full suspension upgrade, clutch, hubs, all the normal stuff. 

We took it to the Texas mile and ran 205-212 the last pass the hood blew apart and we loaded it in the trailer. We came back and realized this thing had to go back to the drawing boards. We spent the next year working and testing the car getting the combo closer to what we know it takes to go 250 mph, re designing the entire system from the manifolds to the exhaust. Sporting a set of 6766 billet turbos and all the supporting goods.

We ended up acquiring the car and continuing the project further, we focused on aerodynamics and upon further testing found the weak links that plague the C5 chassis at high speeds. We built an assortment of components and ran them all, found what worked and went out for a true mile run, while setting the Guinness Book world record in the PPR Ford GT we also layed down some pretty serious runs in the vette, the best being a 252 mph pass with truly perfect conditions. We are very pleased and frankly shocked with how stable and controlled the car is now compared to the start of this project in October 2010. We are hoping to get the car in the 260 mph range and still maintain a/c and all the power options the car had, if your in West palm beach, Fl be on the look out any given Friday night as this car finds its way downtown for dinner and drinks regularly. 



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