Friday, August 16, 2013

Auto Club Famoso Raceway

Auto Club Famoso Raceway NitroAmerica
I don't know is it just me or does NitroAmerica put you on the track, in your face rubber.  But there was something missing, so I went out to the garage brought in a Jerrycan of Can-Am, burped it.  Filled part of a bowl with old spent oil and cut a piece of radiator hose and burned it in the ash tray.  Ah, now I smell the track!  Bakersfield, CA. at Famoso also the fabled March Meet, which helped put Bakersfield on the map. “Everything changed in 1959 after the first March Meet. The whole image of drag racing changed. There were so many people at Famoso, people and cars for days.”

Now if you can't get out to CA. we can thank NitroAmerica for bringing the show to your monitor so sit back, burn some hose in the ash tray turn up the volume and ride the 1/4 mile at Famoso Raceway!



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