Thursday, June 13, 2013

Outlaw Fuel Altered Association's

NitroAmerica Outlaw Fuel Altered Assoc.
From Outlaw Fuel Altered:

 Celebrating their 17th season! 

 The Painless Performance Outlaw Fuel Altered Association is a group of blown alcohol and nitro burning fuel altereds leading the nostalgia movement in the southwest. The association has members from across the nation and includes many former AA/FA and AA/FC drivers from the defining years of drag racing. They put on the best show of heads-up, Chicago style nostalgia drag racing anywhere in the country! 

April 6th, 2013, North Star Dragway.
The long awaited first event of the nine race season brought some new looks to the pits and the return of some old faces. John Broussard and Raymond Dawson showed off their new look machines while Doyle Smith debuted his "Chemical Reaction" nitro burner with Clint Brown behind the wheel and Joe Farris' entered his first OFAA event in the "Grease Monkey" entry from Arkansas. 

As the two top performers of the night fired their engines for the final time, a favorite was hard to pick. Jones, two-time defending series Champion was up against the most consistently quick car of the night in Trussell. In fine fashion, the cars thundered off the line with Jones taking a slight advantage. Trussell's car was belching flames to the tip of the rear wing and they were side by side as they went down the track. At the stripe, Jones took the win light with a 3.87 at 185 mph to Trussell's 3.99 at 181 mph and the Kelley & Jones "Texas Tremor" team clinched the victory at the season opener. 

 Outlaw Fuel Altered Assoc.


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