Saturday, April 20, 2013


Man and machine,  the theory out there being the 1/4 mile and or track you have winning on the brain, well how bad do you want it?  Sometimes you get lucky by letting others battle and tear each other up where you slip by.  Then there is the one who just blows by everyone with the reflection of the checkered flag on their visor even at the start.   Ted Nugent described this as anyone can play the guitar but the one with an attitude will play like no other,  it's how winning is done.  Mind, body and soul have to be at a high nothing to cloud the brain or your thinking too much,  can't afford to be soft before start time.  Your machine is as ready as you can get it (afford to) and you know every vibration along with the limits to push it so both of you can finish,  got to finish and keep it somewhat fresh for the last charge.

Trying to size up every entry and track situation is food for thought, digest it, calculate and then lose it when the flag drops, focus on the first turn and or finish line.  It's like your alone, with that you're pulling your machine ahead of already where you are because you're so focused.  There is a sync to racing, once there you are running alone,  your first.  How did that happen? What did you do? Can you repeat it?  Most often than not your game was on, in your head that is, the machine just needs parts it doesn't think.

We all go over everything but I can remember a time where I had just enough time to get the bike off the trailer for a motocross race, go register come back, suit up and head to the starting line.  No time to walk the track (never raced it before) did not know what to expect.   Didn't know who I was up against or what they brought to the race.  Ya, you bet thinking too much at the start,  the flag dropped and my hole shot sucked where I'm mid pack now.

 Flying through the turns trying to get a groove on this track while rolling on a downhill run what the hell,  a hairpin turn!  Slide the bike on it's side under the flag markers, righted the bike up (still running, ah you practice that) and nail the throttle, lap one.  This is not good I'm last,  it's all or nothing at this point and I'm taking it out on the bike everything it's got! (she'll hold you have to know this)   Man, I did not even know how many laps the race is going to be but maybe that was a good thing,  I road every lap like it was the last until hitting the jump again.  You can't see over the jump and when I was airborne what unfolded was a pile up at the bottom,  oh mother I'm flying here!  Hit the ground at the edge of the track just missing the poor buggers all jammed up! Can't believed I missed those guys I could not stop,  man that would have hurt!

 Still balls to the wall don't know what place I'm in and there is a guy in front of me.  I'm banging on his tire into the turn but he pulls ahead (he's a good rider can't slip him up) bang on the tire in every turn and he inches away. (his bike was a little stronger than mine) There's the white flag, what place are we in?  Hell of a battle on this track,  goes deep into the woods you can't see the rest of the pack racing, deep turns tall hills,  there's the checkered flag, well I'll be 1 and 2,  I had no idea.  I road up next to him, we both had big smiles and were worthy opponents, slapped each other's helmet not so much of 1 and 2 but how we were beating on one another.  I didn't pull 1st but at one point I was last.

How bad do you want it?  Tunes help!



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