Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 Daytona Testing

Testing?  Hey we're racing out here!

With the introduction of the sixth generation, NASCAR Sprint Cup race car NASCAR has worked closely with the manufacturers to bring brand identity back to the sport. This has resulted in Fords that look like Fords, Chevrolet's that look like Chevrolet's and Toyota's that look like Toyota's  The old adage "what wins on Sunday sells on Monday" 

Some 2013 car info: The 2013 season will mark the introduction of the 'Gen-6' NASCAR race car. At the heart of the new car is a desire to see more competitive racing by cars that closely resemble their showroom counterparts. Here are some of the key changes that fans will notice.

1) Distinct body lines that match street vehicles
2) The "greenhouse" area is the same on every car
3) Longer nose and shorter tail to mimic street cars
4) Carbon fiber hood and decklid
5) New decals on windshield and roof 2013 Day 3 of Testing,

Look at this, amazing 4 different camera angle from underneath of a NASCAR Chevrolet SS during a running at Daytona.  First time view!



All the teams seem to be happy with the new ride and it shows, we got some pack racing going on and whoops,  Jr causes the Big One!  I know we're in for a good season of racing, but I'll say this again too bad Dodge won't be out here for when Penske dropped em for Ford, that was it.

 Penske was a sole partner with Dodge for 10 years.  This says a lot for Ford Racing and for Toyota, well I can remember many fans had some long faces about a Jap car coming to the circle tracks.  But you have to give credit where credit is due, the engines in all NASCAR series take a beating. Going to miss MOPAR they just don't have the cash to run without Penske, tough times!    



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